Chairman of the board of directors ----- Science and technology innovation, leading the future!

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Chairman of the Board: Song Guijun

General Manager: Ji Guifang
 Chairman, general manager of the speech ----- scientific and technological innovation, to lead the future!
        Wuhu Shipping Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from the venture has been more than 10 Spring and Autumn Period, under the leadership of the party and government, friends in the community care and help, we are from scratch, after the advance! Company leadership team one heart and one mind, with the effort and wisdom paved a road to success. Because professional, so leading, because in good faith, so win-win! We are "sincere in the heart, the letter to the line" for the spirit of enterprise, "scientific and technological innovation, leading the future; quality first, users first" for the purpose of the enterprise.
    Rational design, elaborate manufacturing; quality service, sustainable development; based on domestic and global. With this conviction, so that every enterprise employees, in life and work can shine with the light of human nature and wisdom! So that our partners and we are more confident to lead the future! A strong enterprise from the excellent corporate culture: "for the enterprise dedicated to the user due diligence; for the prosperity of talented people, for the first to open a precedent" is our "Wuqi" people always pursue the corporate culture. Products such as character, "from" the company's product yield is not necessarily 100%, but the factory pass rate must be 100%! "Wuqi" companies are actively assume more and greater social responsibility, through sincere cooperation and constantly enhance the corporate social image, to create greater value for mankind! High-quality transportation products for you to solve problems, a full range of technical services to make you handy. Only sincere cooperation, to win the world!

 Innovation-driven development, hard work achievements Albert. "Empty talk of the country, hard work Xingbang", "Wuqi" people willing to work with friends from all walks of life, sailing voyage! Common to achieve our good wishes!

Chairman: Song Guijun   General Manager: Ji Guifang