D, TD-type tape bucket elevator
D, TD-type tape bucket elevator
D, TD-type tape bucket elevator Characteristics:
Product specifications】:160/250/315/400/500/630
Running speed】:1.4-1.5(m/s)
Applicable materials】:Powder, granular, small block and other non-stick semi-abrasive materials.
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 1.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Generally less than 60 degrees; high temperature below 150 degrees
Lifting capacity】:9-238(/h) 
product manual: 
         TD-type tape bucket elevator is a kind of ordinary rubber conveyor belt as the traction parts and arc-bottom hopper to enhance the bulk material for the vertical continuous conveyor equipment.
         TD-type belt bucket elevator mainly by the drive device, head assembly, tail assembly, lifting tape, hopper, the middle of the chassis, tensioning device, security devices and other components.
         TD-type bucket elevator hopper performance parameters due to enhance the amount of lifting height and the different materials need to carry out targeted selection design, the user can use the following table for initial selection, but also to provide us with access to the mouth center Distance and lifting height, transport volume, material name, block degrees, humidity, and other raw parameters required by the Wuqi engineers to provide the correct selection.


Product Features: 
         TD bucket elevator is in the light of international standards based on the design of products, in line with JB3926-1999 "vertical bucket elevator" standard, can be used for D series of product transformation or replacement.
         TD bucket elevator has a simple structure, enhance the capacity, stable operation, small footprint, a wide range of applications, installation and maintenance convenience
And so on.
         TD bucket elevator is widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, grain, mining and other industries.

Product parameters: