Belt stacker
Belt stacker
Belt stacker Characteristics: 1, Background: Belt stacker is the technical director of our company, the senior engineer leads the technical team of the company, draws on foreign technical data, combines 30 years of work experience, designs and develops a new product. Mainly used for large material yard, silos of a variety of bulk, grain, bulk materials, heap material, fabric and homogenization.
2, composition: Belt stacker is by the belt conveyor, mobile unloading vehicles and belt fabric machine components. Its structure can be divided into (1) on both sides; (2) unilateral type. Layout can be divided into (1) elevated type; (2) flyover type
3, the working principle: the material transported by the main belt conveyor can be transported to and from the discharge truck for uniform discharge, and then through the unloading car on the special design of the belt configuration to the two sides or one side of the stacker , Fabric and homogenization.
4, Features: (1) heap material, a wide range of fabrics can be achieved 2 * 25m * 1000m = 50000 ㎡ within the scope of the heap material, fabric, are of. (2) heap material, the accumulation of fabric material height is high! Up to tens of meters. (3) does not affect the secondary transport of materials, space utilization is high, (4) to achieve remote and local control, easy to automate! (5) The product proved by the user: practical, reliable, safe! High economic efficiency, easy to use, easy to maintain!
Belt Stacker DSDLJ.WQ. Technical Data Sheet

Note: The table production capacity is based on the main belt speed 1.0m / s, material density 1.0t / m³ when the calculation.