HL, TH-type chain bucket elevator
HL, TH-type chain bucket elevator
HL, TH-type chain bucket elevator Characteristics:
Product specifications】:315/400/500/630/800/1000
Running speed】:1.4-1.5(m/s)
Applicable materials】: Powder, small particles such as non-stick low abrasive materials.
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 1.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 250 degrees
Lifting capacity】:35-365(/h) 

       product manual:

         TH-type chain bucket elevator is the use of circular chain to do the traction parts and hopper conveyor system composed of vertical continuous lifting equipment.
         TH-type chain bucket elevator mainly by the drive device, the upper device, lower device, ring chain and hook, hopper, the middle of the chassis, tensioning device, safety protection device.
         TH-type bucket elevator hoist performance parameters for the lift, enhance the height and material characteristics of the change, the user can use the following table for the initial selection, but also to provide us with access to the center distance and lifting height, Volume, material name, block degrees, humidity, and other raw parameters, from Wuqi engineers to help selection.

       Product Features:

         TH-type bucket elevator is in the light of international standards based on the design of the product, in line with JB3926-1999 "vertical bucket elevator" standard, can be used for HL series of product transformation or replacement.
         TH type bucket chain bucket elevator is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, building material, light industry, foodstuff and mine etc. It has the characteristics of small investment, good adaptability, high temperature resistance and easy installation and maintenance.

     Technical Parameters: