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core team

Chairman Song Guijun
In the transportation equipment industry practitioners for 30 years, the former general manager of the state-owned enterprises in the industry (responsible for operating) more than 10 years.
Jul. 2006 Established Wuhu Qiyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is the legal representative and chairman of the company.
In the industry has an excellent reputation and reputation, and has a wealth of contacts and market resources.
Since the company was founded, led the company team in the market quickly established a company brand, the company won a good reputation.
General Manager Ji Guifang
Former Deputy General Manager of the former state-owned enterprises, responsible for production and technology management, has accumulated rich experience in enterprise management.
He has been the chairman of China Hoisting and Conveying Machinery Industry Association and has made great contributions to the unification of the industry standard of lifting and transporting machinery and the improvement of the overall level of the industry.
Minister of Marketing Zhang Houhua
Former Institute of Technology for the enterprise engineer, after the sales company to technical support, sales department and other staff. With many years of technical and sales work experience, the company's products have a profound understanding and accumulated a wealth of experience in market management, making the company's marketing department can provide customers with more accurate, more timely and more efficient pre-sale, After-sales service, and won widespread praise in the market.
Technology Chief Engineer Wang Yelin
In 20 years of concentrated research, in the bucket elevator, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, screw conveyors, conveyor belts and so on. Plate feeder and other transportation equipment design and manufacturing process has accumulated a wealth of experience and high attainments, with a number of transportation equipment design patents, as the leading transportation equipment experts.
Technical Director Li Faxin
Former national secondary (transport equipment manufacturing) enterprise technology engineer, the backbone of the national large enterprise engineers, department managers, general manager of the branch. Senior engineer, tube with machine experts. Engaged in transportation machinery design more than 20 years, has a wealth of practical work experience and strong ability to deal with various problems. Good at belt conveyor, belt conveyor belt, screw conveyor design, calculation; on the long-distance, large capacity, variable slope power generation conveyor belt conveyor belt and the design of a unique. With more than 10 transmission equipment of the patented technology. Won the seventh China Science and Technology Conference Management Science "first prize."
Minister of spare parts Hu Zhigang
He used to be the manager of the purchasing department of the former state-owned enterprise and the manager of the fittings company. Is responsible for the company 's supporting parts of the supply and transportation equipment company accessories sales. Through the 30 years of work and study and experience accumulated for the company's host equipment to provide accurate, applicable, high-quality motors, reducers, bearings and other ancillary components to ensure the sale of the machine's excellent performance. At the same time, for each user to provide timely and correct spare parts services.