TD75 type belt conveyor
TD75 type belt conveyor
TD75 type belt conveyor Characteristics:
Product specifications】:500/650/800/1000/1200/1400
Running speed】:0.8-4.0(m/s)
Applicable materials】:Bulk material or item
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 2.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 150 degrees 
Delivery volume】:78-2996(m³/h) 
1, the company's TD75-type belt conveyor used in the original drawing of the Ministry of Machinery Industry Joint Design Group designed a unified national standard drawing on the basis of part of the optimization design to improve the new drawings. Implementation of GB / T10595-2009 " Conveyor technical conditions "and other relevant national standards and JB / ZQ8008-88" belt conveyor product quality classification "and other related testing standards.
2, belt conveyor widely used in building materials, mining, coal, electricity, metallurgy, chemicals, ports, food and other industries; belt conveyor sold throughout the country, some products exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions, This series of belt conveyors are suitable for conveying bulk, block or finished articles with the material temperature below 50 ℃ (specially designed for high temperature materials).
3, flexible layout of the process, diverse: According to the user's actual process needs, can be realized horizontal, tilt, concave, convex arc (vertical plane) curve turns and other combinations of layout; also can achieve single-drive or dual drive (High power, large capacity, long distance) settings; can also achieve the head drive or central drive settings.Can be composed of multiple conveyor level, tilt; transfer (to achieve horizontal turn), in order to achieve a large delivery system . Its maximum capacity of up to 3000m ³ / h.
4, the key components of the belt conveyor processing, manufacturing and assembly are equipped with quality control points, and a special process, tooling to ensure its product quality.
5, In the product craft aspect: Has the consummation craft route, the machining, the material pretreatment, the riveting welding, the heat treatment and so on 15 kind of essential craft documents are all available.As to the big drum, the big axis, the roller key part degree Quality control points .6, in the tooling, mold: the company after a lot of input and well-designed to complete the B500mm ~ B1400mm various types of tooling, molds more than 20 sets (pay) purchased the drum welding automatic rotating machine; The roller beam welding tooling and drum static balance frame, roller displacement detection frame, roller dust, waterproof experimental device and so on.

Technical Parameters