LS, LS-type screw conveyor
LS, LS-type screw conveyor
LS, LS-type screw conveyor Characteristics:
Product specifications】:160/250/315/400/500/630/800/1000
Running speed】:16-112(rpm)
Applicable materialsPowder, granular, small pieces and other materials
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 2.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 250 degrees
Delivery volume】:2.2-280(m³/h)  
product description:
   LS / LS Ⅱ screw conveyor is a kind of horizontal continuous conveying equipment of bulk material, which is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, building material, light industry, grain, mine and so on. , Stable operation, small footprint, flexible layout and other transportation characteristics.
   LS / LSⅡ screw conveyor is mainly made up of driving device, head device, tail device, screw shaft, hanging bearing, middle case, charging and unloading device and safety protection device.
   LS / LS Ⅱ screw conveyor (referred to as spiral knife, cutter) according to the different materials have a variety of structural forms, has formed a standardized series.General models and names are: GX, LS, LS Ⅱ series.
   The performance parameters of LS / LSⅡ type screw conveyor (referred to as screw cutter and reamer) need to be determined by calculation because of the change of the conveying capacity and the conveying distance, so the accurate specification model, conveying quantity, speed and power can be determined. Through the following table for the initial selection, but also to provide us with the center distance and out of material feeding distance, transport volume, material name, block degrees, humidity and other raw parameters.

Product Features:
   LS / LS Ⅱ screw conveyor (screw cutter, reamer) is based on the GX screw conveyor, introducing advanced technology from foreign counterparts, adopting new materials and new technology to develop and produce new products. Its main features are: The structure is novel and reasonable, advanced technical indicators, stable and reliable operation, long service life, good sealing performance, easy operation and maintenance, access to the feed and flexible layout and other advantages at the same time, according to the needs of users, configure the speed monitoring device.
   LS / LS Ⅱ screw conveyor (referred to as the spiral knife, cutter), the middle hanging bearing the use of new materials design and manufacturing process, the main material for the high hardness of high chromium cast iron material, in processing, with a special knife installed enamel knife The maximum working temperature up to 260 ℃, particularly suitable for conveying cement, pulverized coal, slaked lime, lime, lime and other materials, Slag and other grinding medium above the material. Diao bearing shaft made of flange at both ends and the solid part of the flange connection, bearing for precision casting, the material is high-chromium cast iron, cast in half, the assembly, the two half-watt With the package hoop fixed to the hanging bearing base on the journal and the bearing between the gap with the delivery of materials, the powder into the material in the meantime, in fact, plays a role of abrasive, which is bearing LS Ⅱ type self-lubricating Or no lubrication; the other hand, this structure hanging bearing small size, rigidity, and will not cause blocking phenomenon in the installation and maintenance, simply loosen the bolts on the flange can be.


LS / LS Ⅱ type screw conveyor main performance parameters table