FU chain conveyor
FU chain conveyor
FU chain conveyor Characteristics:
Product specifications】:150/200/270/350/410/500/600/700
Running speed】:11-28(m/min)
Applicable materials】:Powder, granular and other non-stick semi-abrasive materials
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 2.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 250 degrees
Delivery volume】:10-460(m³/h)  
product manual
FU chain conveyer is a kind of continuous conveying equipment of bulk material, which is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, building material, light industry, grain, mine and so on.It has large capacity, stable operation, Small size, flexible layout and other transportation characteristics.
FU chain conveyer is mainly composed of driving device, head device, tail device, conveying chain (scraper), middle shell, feeding, discharging device and safety protection device.
FU Chain Conveyor (short chain conveyor) according to the characteristics of different materials have a variety of structural forms, has formed a standardized series.
FU chain conveyor (short chain conveyor) performance parameters due to the amount of transportation, transportation distance, transmission angle changes, for this accurate specification models, delivery volume, speed, power, etc. through calculation to determine. The following table for the initial selection, but also to provide us with the center distance and out of material feeding distance, transportation, delivery height, material name, block degrees, humidity and other raw parameters.


Product Features
FU Chain Conveyor is a kind of new-generation conveying equipment developed by our company combining advantages of domestic similar products and summarizing the problems existing in the practical application of general conveying equipment, and its advanced principle and structure It has been widely used in the transportation of powdery or small granular materials in building materials, chemical industry, thermal power, food processing, mining, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, port and transportation industries.


Technical Parameters