B (BL), QBG plate feeder
B (BL), QBG plate feeder
B (BL), QBG plate feeder Characteristics:
Product specifications】:500/630/800/1000/1200/1250/
Running speed】:1.8-15(m/min)
Applicable materials】:Granular, block and other materials
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 2.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 450 degrees
Delivery volume】:16-500(/h)
product manual:
     B (BL), QBG medium and light plate feeder is a quantitative feeding device for continuously and evenly distributing the bulk material in the direction of the horizontal or inclined straight line, where the medium-sized plate feeder can transport the bulk density Not more than 2400kg / m3; block weight of not more than 500kg, stability is not higher than 400 degrees of massive or granular material; light plate feeder to allow transport bulk density of not more than 1200kg / m3; Not more than 350 degrees of massive or granular material.
     B (BL), QBG type, the light plate feeder according to the characteristics of the transport of materials and transportation of different angles have a variety of structural forms of the trough, has formed a standardized series of products.

Product Features:
     B (BL), QBG type, the light plate feeder has the following characteristics:
◆ suitable for large blocks, and has sharp edges and corners of the material, excellent impact resistance structure is particularly suitable for silo or dump truck under the unloading and transport of materials, the use of frequency control, can achieve accurate feeding; Of the material properties, through the structure of the transfer tank adjustment can be achieved 0-20 ° or even greater transport angle.
◆ The whole machine is compact, easy to install, debug and maintain.
◆ chain plate, chain bucket structure is reasonable, good rigidity, impact resistance;
◆ Rolling friction instead of sliding friction, low running resistance;
◆ Widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, light industry and other industries.


Technical Parameters: