NE, NE plate chain bucket elevator
NE, NE plate chain bucket elevator
NE, NE plate chain bucket elevator Characteristics:
Product specifications】:15/30/50/100/150/200/300/
Running speed】:0.5(m/s)
Applicable materials】: Medium, large block and other non-stick abrasive materials.
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 2.0 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 250 degrees
Lifting capacity】:15-800(m³/h) 
product manual:
    NE Ⅱ plate chain bucket elevator uses a large pitch plate chain as a tractor, and T-type hopper and other components of the vertical transmission system.
     NE Ⅱ-type chain bucket elevator mainly by the drive unit (direct-coupled or chain drive), head device, tail device, conveyor chain, hopper, the middle chassis, tensioning device, security protection device.
   NE-type plate chain bucket elevator performance parameters due to changes in transmission volume and transmission height, accurate specifications and models, transmission capacity, chain speed, power, etc. through the calculation to determine the user through the following table for initial selection, But also to provide access to the center or distance from the material to enhance the height, volume, material name, block degrees, humidity, and other raw parameters, from Wuqi engineers to help selection.

Product Features:
* Wide range of lifting: NEⅡ-type chain bucket elevator on the types of materials, characteristics and extent of the scope of a very wide range. Not only to improve the powder, granular and massive materials such as general, but also enhance the grinding cut strong Especially for the kiln mill circulating system in the high temperature of the material handling and power plant storage of raw coal is very applicable.
* Transport capacity: NE Ⅱ-type chain bucket elevator relative to the chain bucket elevator, due to the use of high-strength plate chain and T-type hopper, the same enhance the ability to enhance the height greatly improved.
* Long life: NE Ⅱ-type chain bucket elevator using inflow-feeding and gravity discharge method, greatly reducing the material on the hopper and other structural parts of the wear and tear. As the chain chain with high-strength wear-resistant chain , Effectively extending the life of the machine.
* Good operational reliability: NE Ⅱ-type chain bucket elevator structure design is reasonable, the material in the feeding, lifting and unloading will not be scattered, to ensure the reliability of the whole operation, the material rarely occurs between the extrusion And the collision phenomenon, especially for the damage rate of materials have high requirements of the occasion.
* Patented technology: NEII plate chain bucket elevator is improved on the basis of NE-based design of the new plate bucket bucket elevator, the lower structure of the patented technology using built-in bearings and heavy hammer tensioning device, sealed The sprockets of the upper and lower sprockets adopt the proprietary meshing technology, which makes the running time of the sprocket and the conveying chain under normal condition more than 30,000 hours.



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