THG high efficiency chain bucket elevator
THG high efficiency chain bucket elevator
THG high efficiency chain bucket elevator Characteristics:
Product specifications】:250/315/400/500/630/800/1000/
Running speed】:1.55-1.95(m/s)
Applicable materials】: Powder, small particles such as non-stick low abrasive materials.
Material Bulk Density】:Less than 1.5 (t / m³)
Operating temperature】:Less than 250 degrees
Lifting capacity】:75-1350(/h) 
product manual:
    THG-type high-performance chain bucket elevator is the TH-type bucket elevator on the basis of optimization to improve the design of the upgrading of transport equipment, the use of high-strength alloy ring chain and the hook, to improve hopper layout density and speed It is widely used in power, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries instead of TH type products.It has the advantages of large capacity, stable operation, small footprint and high lifting height, and so on.
    THG-type high-efficiency chain bucket elevator is mainly composed of driving device, upper device, lower device, wire rope tape, hopper, middle chassis, tensioning device and safety protection device.
    THG high-performance chain bucket elevator performance parameters due to changes in delivery volume and transport height, the user through the following table for initial selection, but also to provide us with access to the center distance and lifting height, Material name, block degrees, humidity, and other raw parameters, from the Wuqi engineers for your selection.


1, THG efficient bucket elevator is the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of improving the design of a new generation of products, transportation capacity, to enhance the high height (see table), where a-bucket for dry powder materials; B-type bucket can be used for micro-powder or small granular materials;
2, THG high efficiency bucket elevator ring chain hook with low alloy steel forging system, and by carburizing quenching, with high tensile strength and wear resistance, long life; assembled sprocket, wheel, wheel The flange is connected with high strength bolts. After the sprockets are worn to a certain extent, the bolts can be unscrewed, the rims can be replaced and replaced, the replacement is convenient, the material is saved and the cost is reduced.
3, THG efficient bucket elevator head and tail and middle of the chassis to do all the sealing treatment, materials and dust, but Yang, will not cause environmental pollution;
4, the transmission device uses a vertical shaft reducer and fluid coupling, and is equipped with backstop device, making the transmission mechanism compact, flexible drive.Can make smooth operation, but also make the motor reducer and traction parts To be protected, more able to maintain a steady state of the material in the shutdown.


THG high efficiency chain bucket elevator main performance parameters table